MaTHiSiS learning environment video

If you would like to get know MaTHiSiS learning environment, please take a look at this short video how it works!
We are thrilled to introduce the core functionalities of the platform. The video was used during the presently on-going pilots in Greece, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and France.

Professionals and non-professionals, educators, tutors and learners - get ready to see the MaTHiSiS learning environment from the inside!!!

And this is just the begin of the intelligence journey! Stay tuned by registering at our community network here

MaTHiSiS poster for general audience

The header of the poster encapsulates the website address and the main social network channels along with the logo, the explanation of the acronym and the basic motto of the project. The placeholder of the poster provides information on the high-level business features, the breakthrough innovations and the target groups. The footer of the poster presents the members of the consortium and the publicity info according to European Union guidelines.

MaTHiSiS digital leaflet

The information provided in this leaflet describes conceptual MaTHiSiS architecture and learning approach that focuses on relating learning elements with specific learning goals in graph structures. Also, it briefly explains MaTHiSiS usability for every user case.

MaTHiSiS Learning Storyline

This document describes the MaTHiSiS learning storyline, aiming to provide a high-level description of the way users interact with the MaTHiSiS platform. It deals with three types of users that enable the learning process for a learner in the MaTHiSiS ecosystem (the so called “enablers”), namely the instructor/tutor, the caregiver/parent and the individual learner (dependent or independent of a tutor and/or caregiver).