Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is the name for a group of developmental disorders with a wide range, “a spectrum,” of symptoms, skills, and levels of disability. The common characteristics of persons with ASD are difficulty in communication and social interaction, repetitive behaviours and limited interests and activities. ASD can also be associated with intellectual disability, sensory perceptual dysregulation, difficulties in gross and fine motor coordination, attention deficit and emotional dysregulation. The impact of these symptoms can range from mild to profoundly disabling. Children with autism are deemed to have special educational needs as they have significant learning difficulties as well as – often unexploited – strengths and abilities. MaTHiSiS's flexibility of content delivery can at the same time avoid the sensory issues and help to transfer acquired skills from one environment to the other. Educators have to produce learning activities able to stimulate them and get their attention, often limited by the narrow interests, the MaTHiSiS system can help them to tailor the learning experience by using these interests and fascinations. The monitoring of the learner's interactions will address not only the adaptation of the general learning experience, but also the main issue of reaction to the frustration. ASD learners will benefit form the use of the NAO robots integrated in the educational activities, since many studies demonstrate that the interaction with humanoid robots is effective for these students. For the non verbal users, the system will integrate Augmentative and Alternative Communication means to improve their interaction and social skills.