Training the employees in industrial environment is essential for a company success. Training is an excellent way to improve employee’s skills at their existing position and contributes in their evolution to a higher position. Moreover, the digitalisation of all type of activities in industrial environment drives forward the necessity to have a continuous training of employees on new technologies. Despite the importance of training, an employer can face resistance by employees, so motivating and involving them in the training process can be complicated. Therefore, in order to motivate and engage employees, training solutions based on new technologies and more specifically on adaptive learning and personalized pedagogy, such as MaTHiSiS, are more and more important in industrial training. MaTHiSiS shall bring a great benefit for trainers and their learning experience delivering user friendly training materials and contents. With MaTHiSiS the learning process will be adapted to the trainer’s knowledge and progress level in order to stimulate the motivation of learners and keep them engaged in the learning process