Europole is a public body non-profit network, based in Verona – Italy, of researchers, 3 Universities, 40 adult education organizations, 2 Regional Administrations, Municipalities, 20 VET schools, 20 NGOs, 4 cooperatives, and 4000 schools of every order and degree at national level, working for the European social and educational integration.

Its main fields of activities are to promote the European dimension and integration through European and non-European workshops, seminars, conferences, partnerships and projects. Europole is planning "umbrella activities" involving in the projects the greatest possible number of institutions. Europole works in every field of education, from ICT in in-service training courses for teachers and Kindergartens to adult education in prison and in rural areas. It works also on social exclusion, fighting against xenophobia and racism, helping to break stereotypes on genders, among different cultures and religions, training of students and drop outs, intercultural learning and youth workers and vocational training field.