La Cometa del Sud is a spin-off of Italian Caritas, a pastoral and charity organisation of Italian Bishops’ Conference whose main role is to promote "the testimony of charity in forms that are appropriate to the times and needs, for integral human development, social justice and peace, with special attention to primary pedagogical functions”. In this scenario, La Cometa del Sud aggregates persons characterised by different professional profiles and skills, such as psychologists and sociologists, that are aimed at achieving a univocal and significant goal: promoting the common good by efficiently facing real-life scenarios characterised by pain and discomfort. In particular, La Cometa del Sud organizes and manages different activities aimed at supporting persons with social and educational disabilities and their families: activities that promote forms of emancipation of the disabled person with respect to his/her family context; personalised projects related to the socialization and social integration of person with disabilities through psychological and sociological interventions based on group activities; awareness courses related to social, pedagogical and educational services in interested areas. Precisely, the professional of the “La Cometa del Sud” jointly use their skills and expertise to:

  • Promote and constitute solidarity groups for supporting children with mental disabilities, making them part of our society, and preventing any form of social exclusion;
  • Support children with emotional deficiencies with appropriate learning paths aimed at improving their cognitive, social and physical development.

These activities are efficiently accomplished due to the quality of infrastructures and equipment on which the company can rely on to achieve its goals.