The main objective of MaTHiSiS is to provide a marketable solution for affect based learning in a comfortable learning environment comprising of high-end technological devices and algorithms.
To bring these novelties in life the MaTHiSiS consortium is striving with complicated sub-objective that sum up to the ultimate goal that has been put forward. These objectives are both technological and educational ones that provide an abundance of novel practices in digital learning.
Starting from the begining, MaTHiSiS conceptualize the non-linearity in education through a graph based schema that goes beyond common graph based tools, which merely connect different components, by adding to it vertex weights to account for competencies of different users of these graphs. By doing so, each graph becomes a personalized reference for each user of her/his accomplishments throughout his learning life with MaTHiSiS.
Moreover, MaTHiSiS is using and developing novel tools able to gather affect based on passive sensors (such as cameras, microphones, mobiles, Kinect etc.) and interactions, which therefore are fused in an overall assessment of the user affect and steer the learning process.
Finally, a good amount of effort is and will be spent in the process to make these technologies (offered through MaTHiSiS) as transparent as possible to the end user without affecting (to the best extent) their common practices. To that end (especially for the tutors), tools will be developed and tested by them to transform their proper lessons to MaTHiSiS compatible ones.