Everything we learn comes from experience. Good learning experience enables learners to achieve a desired outcome. In today’s classroom we have variable learners that require learning environments and learning experiences that match their individual needs and preferences. Schools are required to use a range of resources and teaching methods to enable every learner to achieve their full potentials. The introduction of technologies and a large availability of learning apps made student centered learning much more possible than ever before. The use of technology has a great impact on students’ engagement, learning and progress. It is widely accepted that technology in the classroom can be a great motivator for all learners. Rather than banning the use of technologies from classrooms we need to find a way of integrating it within teaching and learning and use it to students’ advantage.
MaTHiSiS which stands for ‘Managing Affective-learning THrough Intelligent atoms and Smart InteractionS’ is a project centered on exciting new software that promotes a new way of thinking about education and training. MaTHiSiS intends to provide high support for students increasing their engagement while learning, providing extra motivation and helping students with learning difficulties. MaTHiSiS works on tablets, phones, interactive whiteboards and personal computers – and even robots! Teachers and trainers can design their courses in the form of graphs where they attach the learning content with various difficulty levels. MaTHiSiS is able to provide each of their learners with a learning path matched to their individual skills and needs, personalised based on their individual profile and their previous learning achievement. MaTHiSiS monitors students’ progress and automatically adapts - via artificial intelligence features - as they interact with the system to suit their emotions and their abilities. The aim is to provide a unique personal experience tailored to each student specific needs, engage and motivate them to learn in new and more effective ways.