One of the biggest challenges for learners with profound and multiple learning disabilities is developing and using an effective communication system. PMLD is a label used to describe people with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties. This type of learners will often have multiple sensory impairment as well as severe intellectual learning difficulties. Learners who have multiple sensory impairments and learning difficulties face a number of challenges in accessing and making progress in education. Firstly, formal classroom’s education cannot be as individualized as they need, so a better approach to their varying learning needs is personalized education. MaTHiSiS personalization system adapts the learning goals and the content to each students learning needs. Moreover, the system can provide automatic feedback depending on the progress and the affective state of each learner. People who have profound and multiple learning disabilities present great difficulty in communication skills. MaTHiSiS ecosystem helps teachers and caregivers in teaching people with PMLD a set of skills that will allow them to improve their verbal communication. In this way MaTHiSiS aspires to contribute in improving the verbal communication of learners with PMLD! Robots have a positive effect in the learning process of people with PMLD. Moreover, the ability to apply the learning process in various learning contexts and places, using Robots, Interactive Whiteboards or other mobile devices, exploiting the personalization and adaptation mechanism of MaTHiSiS ecosystem, envisions enhancing the learning procedure of PMLD learners.