MaTHiSiS provides an extraordinary technical solution that enables the teachers that best know the learners to tailor the ways in which they are taught; to provide the precise learning materials that each individual needs to access; adapted to the specific environment in which the learning has to occur; and on the technical device that really suits the learners themselves and their unique personal circumstances.

The MaTHiSiS system is a state-of-the-art responsive learning system designed to provide each individual learner, the setting in which they are learning and the technology they have at their disposal. The MaTHiSiS system does this and then goes further! The system can even monitor how the learner is feeling today, how they react to their learning experience and then adjust what is provided in a way that responds to the individual’s mood and behaviour to make the learning experience work in the best way possible - for the individual – here and now!

MaTHiSiS proposes a new model of learning that embraces the new tools that we have at our disposal and exploits them to provide a uniquely inclusive and responsive experience.

Our personal mobile devices are individualized, why not do the same with our learning pathways? Why not set my teaching or training course to match and exploit my learning strengths - and really grapple with my learning weaknesses? Why not provide me, the individual learner, with a learning journey that I can navigate with appropriate prompts, reminders, new skills and learning challenges that match precisely to what I need to my own circumstances?

In the process the MaTHiSiS system provides a uniquely accessible and inclusive quality of e-learning experience. The MaTHiSiS platform and the customised content that it delivers provides every type of learner, in every type of setting, on the device they have at their disposal, with a bespoke, individualised learning experience that is adapted to their personal requirements.

The majority of existing online learning systems are not really fit for purpose. They are poorly adapted to work across different devices that are at the disposal of today’s teachers and trainers. They have not been designed with the full range of different learner needs, learning environments and teaching tools that educators encounter in mind. MaTHiSiS tackles these problems directly with a uniquely responsive and individual learning system.