The University of Maastricht (UM) and Dimokritos (NCSR) are co-organizing the SMAP 2017 Special Session on Multimodal Affective Analysis for Human-Machine Interfaces and Learning Environments (see this link for more information about the SS), which will be part of the SMAP 2017 conference in Bratislava, 9th-10th July 2017.
The special session will focus on signal analysis and machine learning techniques on affective knowledge from auditory, visual and textual information, employed in human-machine interaction and learning applications and it is organized in collaboration with MaTHiSiS.
Moreover, the paper titled “ High-performance and Lightweight Real-time Deep Face Emotion Recognition ” (co-authored by Justus Schwan, Esam Ghaleb, Enrique Hortal and Stylianos Asteriadis) has been accepted for publication at the SMAP2017 – 12th International Workshop on Semantic and Social Media Adaptation and Personalization. This paper will be included as part of the Special Session on Multimodal affective analysis for human-machine interfaces and learning environments.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017