Why Participate?

  • It is an opportunity to learn something new about a new tool that relates emotion and learning and software created in an EU H2020 project.
  • You can win a cash prize of £250 if you create the most engaging learning experience!

Topic - Affective Learning
Your challenge is to integrate your existing serious game in an online e-learning platform MaTHiSiS. To achieve this, your game will need to have three varying levels of challenge (Easy, Medium and Hard). The MaTHiSiS system has a game packaging tool that will assist you in this. The system will also choose the complexity of the materials in response to the learners’ emotional state and performance.

What Programming experience do I need?
You must can write your own game in Java, Python, or Unity.

How do I prepare?
There is a webinar on the ‘Game Packaging Tool’ (starting at circa 2 minutes for English version!) which shows you how to package an existing game in a way that integrates with the online e-learning tool MaTHiSiS. Please see http://mathisis-project.eu/ for background information on the project that created the tools that have launched this challenge.

Venue: The Hackathon is being held at Clifton Campus, Nottingham Trent University.

Date: 9-10th March 2019.

Registration deadline: 1st March 2019

More information at: http://bit.ly/ItagHackathon2019

Tuesday, February 5, 2019
Clifton Campus, Nottingham Trent University. (Room to be confirmed)