This hackathon was conceived as an opportunity to develop new materials for use on the MaTHiSiS platform and to introduce the students and other interested people to the integration streams for getting materials onto the MaTHiSiS platform.

14 people signed up as 6 teams using the Wufoo registration system.

Running the Event
Participants had the opportunity of viewing videos on how to use the software to create a Learning Experience in the MaTHiSiS system. They were invited to either bring along 3 different levels of a game in executable format, with a preference to be able to edit them to add hooks to the MaTHiSiS system, or to develop a game at the Hackathon in its entirety, and to then add MaTHiSiS integration at the end.
Three teams eventually ended up competing in the event.
The event was detailed heavily in real time on both the itag hackathon and the interactive systems at Nottingham Trent University twitter and Facebook feeds, and across other social media streams available.

The Created Games

BornToLose team created a game called ‘Zombie Typocalypse’ where the player had to type words shown on screen as quickly as possible to avoid zombies reaching them. The zombies would move across the screen from right to left but would be blasted by a cannon on correct typing of a word. The three levels varied by adjusting two factors: Word length; and zombie speed.
The Croissant Dragons team created a game similar to the television show ‘CatchPhrase’ called ‘Totile recall’ where the player had to answer questions on a topic to reveal parts of a big picture. The aim was to guess what the big picture was. The difficulty levels varied by adding more sections to the grid covering the big picture, by increasing the difficulty of the questions and by making the big picture more obscure (e.g. a little known world flag). The team developed content covering three categories including maths and geography.
The third team had to drop due to teh illness of one of its members.

The result after judging by 4 members of the NTU and UoN teams was a draw between 2 teams 'Born to Lose' and 'Croissant Dragon' who shared the prize money.
The two teams developed learning materials at three different difficulty levels matching the MaTHiSiS requirements and adaptation of the learning experience was demonstrated at the end.

The teams were impressed with the ease of adding games to the MaTHiSiS system from their developed executables, but did consider the registration of the learning objects to be still a little clumsy. The teams were happy with the videos presented to introduce them to the system and on how to add a game. They considered these useful and informative.

Saturday, March 9, 2019
Nottingham Trent University, Clifton Campus, Pavilion rooms 25 and 26