IntelliSys 2017 conference

Our colleagues from the University of Maastricht presented the paper titled as “Multimodal Fusion Based on Information Gain for Emotion Recognition in the Wild” during the IEEE Technically Sponsored Intelligent Systems Conference, which took place in London (United Kingdom) from 7 to 8 September 2017 with more than 300 attendants.
The conference proceedings will be available soon, meanwhile you can get more information of our paper here.

MaTHiSiS at the 3rd Global Summit and Expo on Multimedia & Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Stelios Asteriadis participated in the 3rd Global Summit and Expo on Multimedia & Artificial Intelligence. This event is a leading conference for international community of academic experts, scholars and business people in the field of Multimedia & Artificial Intelligence Technologies. During the event, hold in Lisbon (Portugal) on the 20th of July 2017, MaTHiSiS project was presented to an audience of around 20 people.

Maastricht University Bachelor’s Open Day

The University of Mastricht organized an event to inform around 119 prospective students and their parents and guardians about the bachelor’s programmes in Maastricht University. During this event, different research groups belonging to the University show their developments and research projects. The members of the consortium from UM presented MaTHiSiS project with a poster and an oral presentation. Moreover, a live demo using one of the robots used in MaTHiSiS platform (TurtleBot) was performed to show some of its capabilities.

MaTHiSiS is sponsor at SMAP 2017!

The University of Maastricht (UM) and Dimokritos (NCSR) are co-organizing the SMAP 2017 Special Session on Multimodal Affective Analysis for Human-Machine Interfaces and Learning Environments (see this link for more information about the SS), which will be part of the SMAP 2017 conference in Bratislava, 9th-10th July 2017.

MaTHiSiS in the H2020 participatory meeting

The MaTHiSiS project was presented at the H2020 participatory meeting organised by EC, in Luxembourg on 27 March 2017. In the context of this presentation the MaTHiSiS project representatives had the chance to meet and network with the coordinators and other team members of the H2020 programme, so as to share expertise and knowledge among relative projects.
The meeting also served to identify how the current ongoing projects can contribute to deliver the Digital Single Market agenda of the European Commission, both individually and/or jointly.

MaTHiSiS article in TA NEA newspaper

The MaTHiSiS project was featured on the popular Greek newspaper “TA NEA” and more specifically on the online version ( with 47183 unique visitors and 156920 page views during the day that the MaTHiSiS article was posted. The article “Robotics at the service of education” was posted on the column “My city” and received 162 likes and 260 shares, while the corresponding post on the newspaper’s Facebook page received 2068 unique users (the article is available only in Greek).