This paper presents the IoT ready platform of the MaTHiSiS H2020 EU project. Sensing devices are used to capture the affect of learners during their interaction with learning material, which comes in the form of serious games although other forms are also considered. This interaction may use mobile devices such as smart mobile phones and tablets, but also robots. Within the context of MaTHiSiS, a learning process is broken down into “learning atoms”, i.e., pieces of knowledge that may not be further divided. A set of learning atoms leads to a “learning goal”, which is set by the tutor. The process of learning is non-linear, i.e., the order of learning activities that are presented to a user and are connected with a learning atom may be different per user. This personalization process may also have an influence in the difficulty of the learning actions and is modeled using the concept of the “learning graph”. The overall system architecture complies to the IoT paradigm. A set of representative serious games developed for different use cases that exploit the available IoT infrastructure to personalize the learning experience is also presented.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018